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Welcome to the website of Czech food company REJ Food Planá nad Lužnicí.

The history of the company dates back to year 1998, when according to the traditional family recipe, it started the production of gingerbread and its deliveries to regional stores. The popularity of the gingerbread grew and production and distribution gradually expanded. Now the brand Plansky pernik belongs to the assortment of wholesalers throughout the Czech Republic and the seasonal offers of the Globus, Tesco, Billa and Norma chains in the Czechia and Slovak Republic.

In 2008 the assortment was supplemented with gluten-free corn crisps, which are intended primarily for children. In addition to the classic salt-free corn flips (for children from the age of 6 months), the offer also includes salted, many flavours (strawberry, vanilla, orange, banana with chocolate), buckwheat or rice ones. You can buy them in pharmacies, markets like Globus, Tesco, Makro, in health food stores or in the online supermarkets Košík.cz and Rohlík.cz.

In 2010 the cooperation with the nutritionist Ing. Petr Havlíček resulted in a brand of Do You Know What You Eat (Vite, co jite) products - biscuits, wholemeal pasta and tea. Gradually, the range of nutritionally more beneficial products is expanding and the company's goal is to become a partner in the field of health food trade. In 2017, we are coming up with a new range of whole-grain biscuits without palm oil, the face of which is again Ing. Havlíček.

In 2019 we launch to the market new spelled biscuits with calcium Klasky, intended not only for children. A novelty for 2020 are cornflakes in the shape of dolphins with lyophilized fruit Rejfínci in a smaller practical package, which will be welcomed by mothers. In the first half of the year, a large advertising campaign took place with Rejfínci, including a thousands TV spots.

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Biscuits with whole grain cereals are the fastest growing assortment. From the original rye and graham, which were created in cooperation with Ing. Petr Havlíček, currently the offer has expanded to 18 types of biscuits with brand REJ Vite,co jite. We also produce several private labels for gastronomy and since 2018 original hemp biscuits of our own recipe supplied through our partner to several Western European countries.

A novelty in 2019 are spelled biscuits (more than 90% of whole-grain spelled), without palm oil, without eggs and enriched with calcium, especially for children. Whether you choose cookies with chocolate, coconut, gingerbread or strawberry, you will not be disappointed. With us You know what you eat.

The whole assortment:


Available at:

GLOBUS, wholesome food shops, Sklizeno, Košík.cz, Rohlík.cz, Lékárna.cz.


Gluten-free crisps are very popular with mothers and perhaps every infant has tasted them at least once. In addition to classic corn flips, buckwheat and rice are also in offer. These products without added salt and sugar are suitable for infants from the age of 6 months.

Flavoured crisps are intended for older children and adults - lightly salted, vanilla, strawberry, orange and, since 2016, also peanuts with a lower salt content and bananas with chocolate.

Fruit corn balls with fruit flavour or various seasonal limited editions are popular. You will also find rice and buckwheat crisps or rings in the offer.

The whole assortment:


Available at:

GLOBUS, TESCO, Makro, pharmacies, selected food and health food stores, Košík.cz, Rohlík.cz.


Herbal, fruit and real teas REJ are an important part of the drinking regime. They are represented in our offer so that everyone can find their favourite drink. You can currently choose from 6 types of teas, which are divided into two lines.

D-Tea in the original recipe extended by green tea with mango and white tea with echinacea and pomegranate.

E-Tea in an original recipe complemented by ginger tea with raspberries and refreshing fruit tea with citrus fruits. Don't forget that our teas taste great also as chilled, so they are suitable for drinking in the summer months.

The whole assortment:


Available at:

Pharmacies and wholesome food shops.


Cereal cocoa balls, honey rings or cornflakes are the stars of our offer. High quality cereals are enriched with vitamins, calcium and iron. All packed in family 500g bags.

In 2020, we are expanding our range with filled cereal pillows with cocoa or peanut filling and breakfast muesli (wholemeal flakes, linen and sunflower seeds and raisins) in an economical family package.

The Elinky – filled cereal fingers and gluten-free Choco-corn bars (50% corn, 50% chocolate) have gained popularity not only as part of breakfast, but also snacks for schoolchildren.

The whole assortment:


Available at:

Sklizeno, health food stores.


Wholemeal semolina pasta has a lower GI value than ordinary pasta. Fusilli, penne and spaghetti REJ „Víte, co jíte“ line contain fibre (9g/100g) and protein (13%).
Semolina flour is ideal for making pasta, semolina products do not tend to become overcooked and sticky. Thanks to wholemeal semolina they have a higher percentage of fibre which improve their nutritive value. Eggless pasta „Farm animals“ is intended for children – meals will become a funny and pleasure moment. This pasta is suitable as a pastina for soup, too

The whole assortment:


Available at:

Sklizeno, Košík.cz, wholesome food shops.


NEW FOR 2020 - delicate corn crisps in the shape of dolphins will fall in love with children. You can choose from several great and original flavours. Children will be especially interested in sweet flavours with lyophilized fruits - strawberry, mango or blueberry. For lovers of salty snacks, Rejfínci with fromage flavour (fresh cheese with chives) are intended. Of course, we also think of the smallest ones, so Rejfínci without added salt are suitable for infants from the age of 6 months.

The new line of snacks is supported by marketing activities with the slogan:
„Rejfinci - and the devils will be angels.“.

The whole assortment:


Available at:

Tesco, Globus, Rohlik.cz, wholesome food shops.


Crispy gluten-free wafers are hand-made in a separate gluten-free hall in Plana nad Luznicí. Thin crispy wafers in 6 interesting flavours are an alternative to various salty fried snacks and will attract not only gluten-free but also other consumers who believe in a healthy lifestyle.

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Our stuffed gingerbreads are not characteristically healthy food, but thanks to a thorough selection of ingredients, partial hand production, original shapes and a traditional family recipe, which has not changed since 1998, they are popular and interesting for farm shops. Plansky pernik is an integral part of the offer of chains such as Globus, Tesco, Norma and Billa even during the festive time of St. Nicholas, Christmas or Easter.

The whole assortment:



REJ Food s.r.o.

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The company is registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ceske Bududejovice

Board of directors

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Společnost REJ holding s.r.o., IČ: 087 97 722, se sídlem ČSLA 542, 391 11 Planá nad Lužnicí, společnost zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném Krajským soudem v Českých Budějovicích, je v rámci koncernového uspořádání osobou řídící. Koncern této řídící osoby tvoří ve smyslu ustanovení § 79 a násl. zákona o obchodních korporacích následující řízené osoby: REJ s.r.o., IČ: 260 26 899, REJ Food s.r.o., IČ: 090 53 549, REJ CZ s.r.o., IČ: 090 53 557


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